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How To Disable AVG Antivirus?

Launched in 1992, AVG is the antivirus that provides security to your laptops, computers, and ios or other similar devices. It comes equipped with a powerful engine and can face online threats with more protection. It is very useful to protect the system from different kinds of viruses like Trojan horse, spyware, root kits or ransom ware, and other malware. However, users often experience technical bugs that harm their protection. Like installation and uninstallation errors, problems in downloading the activation, or other subscription related errors.

Here, with the technical assistance of AVG customer service, we will provide a brief insight on how to disable the AVG features without removing the app from the PC. This process is not applicable for Mac, but there is a scope to uninstall and reinstall it later. Here, the main focus will be on how to disable AVG the same on windows.

Therefore, the steps to disable AVG antivirus on windows can be highlighted as:

  • First, click on the App-arrow area of your system tray. It is the taskbar area containing a clock and sound option. Clicking would display the hidden icons.
  • After you tap to open the AVG icon, located in the system tray. This prompts open the respective app.
  • Tap open the menu option on the top right side of the window. This would prompt open several icons along with the windows.
  • In it, choose the first options called settings.
  • Continue by clicking open the components you want to disable. The components should be disabled individually.
  • After you slide the switch to the off green position. This would prompt open a pop-up window.
  • Proceed by selecting a particular length of time that would determine how long AVG would remain inactive before turning itself on.
  • Finally, click on the yes button to confirm. This indicates that the selected AVG component is no longer enabled.

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For further help, you can call the AVG helpline number. The experts are always ready to provide full technical assistance to deal with any kind of technological problem. They have a team of highly qualified engineers, who provide you result-oriented and satisfactory solutions. They also have live chat and email services, with the agents always active to respond to the questions.

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